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Hah! Well, food critic sounds cool, but since I'm a vegetarian (and I recently read in Kitchen Confidential that this makes me anathema to cooks), it just isn't going to work out for me. No, if I could do anything besides my job, it wouldn't really involve writing--I would apprentice to learn how to farm organically.

I will say, though, that my ability to write is basically my only credential for being a contributor to The Oil Drum. I don't know that much about sustainability, but I can read sources and condense them into an interesting and readable blog post. That seems to be the main criteria.

And I didn't know that jo(e) is a vegan.

Phantom Scribbler

I'm afraid I'm not going to be very much fun on this trip either, Academic Coach -- I'm another one of those dratted vegetarians. Last time I was in New Orleans, there wasn't much for me to eat besides cafe au lait and beignets. Not that I'm complaining about that, of course!

The question of why writing is important to me deserves a less flippant answer, however. The easiest answer is that I enjoy the deliberation of it. You know that Annie Dillard passage about the young student asking the old poet if he had what it takes to become a writer? The old poet answers something like, "I don't know. Do you like sentences?"

I do like sentences. That does not make me a writer, of course, but it does make writing important to me.

Also, I am a housewife by trade. My writing, on my blog and in the occasional professional forum, is the only thing that gives me street credibility with blogging academics and disdainful professionals!


Hey, you wimps, I'm vegan -- and I'm willing to go with the food critic. You just have to be assertive in restaurants. Or choose the right restaurants.

BrightStar (B*)

My spouse and I sometimes think about starting up our own food critic website with reviews of all of the restaurant we attend or the recipes we cook.

Confession: I wanted to be a journalist when I was younger, but my only image of journalism back then was investigative reporting, and I thought you had to be too sneaky and creepy and backstabbing to be successful in that line of work. I think one reason I became a social science researcher is because I thought it would allow me to do some of the same things I thought a journalist would get to do -- write about and learn about people. (there are other reasons why I pursued my job, too, but an interest in journalism is my connection to an interest in writing, since I didn't read the author blurbs...)

I'm going to eventually do your meme. :)


BrightStar: I am laughing at your stereotype of the journalist. I have a younger sister who is a reporter ... and she is not at all sneaky and creepy and backstabbing.

BrightStar (B*)

yeah, I'm admitting this as a stereotype I held as an 8th grader. :)

Academic coach -- jo(e) and I did your meme!

Academic Coach

B* - I like your thoughts about why you write.

I do think that I'm seeing a trend....
Those of you who think about food all the time and have responded so far seem to be vegetarian/vegan or doing a great job at weight watchers.

Hmmmm. This must mean that -- since I'm a carnivore who gained 5 pounds on my recent vacation that pushed me into the "weigh-more-than-I-ever-have-except-when-pregnant" category -- I don't think about food all the time.

Oh well, the equation doesn't work. I think about food as often as 16 year old boys supposedly think about sex. (What about you, jo(e)- you're the only one with those long haired adolescent boys and all those extra friends hanging around outside your posting station -- do you ooze food thoughts the way they ooze pheremones?)

By the way, Phantom Scribbler, even if you are housewife of the Universe, the term housewife still implies to me that your "work" is focused on taking care of your home and your spouse. Seems to me that there could be more accurate terms for the profession of caring for LG and Baby Blue -- much more challenging and draining than other careers that could be concocted by distainful professionals.

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