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Friday Mom

Thanks for this. I posted about my decision to try medication a few days ago. I'm a PhD student in pastoral counseling and a psych chaplain, but for some reason I've had a strong resistance to taking the meds, even though I've known that I was sinking into depression again. I'm not sure what that's about....

Academic Coach

Friday Mom,

Thanks for your comment.

The Peter Kramer book I posted a couple of weeks ago also focuses on the cultural myth that fighting depression is a matter of willpower.

Would we say to people with dangerously high blood pressure, "just try yoga first for a few months?" No, we'd suggest that they try medication IN CONJUNCTION with exercise and diet. And there'd be absolutely no shame attached to the pills.
Would we tell someone with asthma to hold off on using an inhaler and "just look on the bright side?" No, we'd use meds while we tried to rid the person's daily environment of allergens, etc.,.

As you can tell, I get preachy about people who forget that depression is a disease.

Again, thanks for sharing your decision with us -- here and on your own blog.
We hope that the cloud lifts quickly.


Great post. My mother-in-law suffers from depression and anxiety and just refuses to accept any type of treatment because for her generation, there is such a stigma attached to it. She just keeps going to new doctors, hoping for some other diagnosis, and will not even consider medication. (And it's not like she is trying any alternative treatments either.) The whole situation is incredibly frustrating and sad.

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