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Really fantastic news. Thanks for the update.


Yes, thanks for the update! It's difficult to say "great news!" when it involves such tragic affairs, but I know first-hand what a relief Hospice care brings to all involved.


Wow. I've also seen Hospice folks in action, and they are able to give a great deal of comfort and dignity in situations where that is all anyone is really able to give. I am so pleased we were able to make some small difference for the Badger family.

bright star

I'm glad some relief has been given to the family. LOL @ her son's comment. :)


Thanks for the update. Hospice volunteers and nurses provided immeasurable support and comfort to my family during the end of my mother's life. I'm so glad that our donations are allowing the Badger family to afford Hospice.


Thanks for the update. I'm relieved to hear they'll be able to afford hospice now. You will be leaving the fund open for contributions, right? I'd like to give a little bit each month.

Laura (geekymom)

Oh, I'm so glad to have given them a bit of relief.


It's good to have such immediate feedback, and to know that some of the most urgent needs that can be met are now, finally, being met. I'm with ABD Mom--I plan to add Badger's family to our monthly budget and hope the fund will remain accessible. This was a wonderful thing you did, AC.


Thanks for the update. It's heartening to see that enough money came in to provide some tangible help. Let's not forget to give again come Sept 1, when we're all dragging less financially.


Thank you for the latest, I've been checking back for updates.

I just put up a second post with links to these sites.


Thanks for the update. Most of all, I'm thankful that the donations have brought about a little piece of mind for the Badgers, and especially that Mr. Badger has been able to get the pain meds that he so deserves.

I agree, could you keep the donation button up?


Uh, der, peace of mind. Because what would they be doing with little pieces of minds? Ewww.


That is so incredible! What a wonderful outcome!

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