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Interesting! I wonder if, as a corollary to what you report, men are more comfortable placing their photo on department webpages. I know some women who are not comfortable with that.

La Lecturess

*Really* interesting post, AC; thanks! I'd been wondering why most of the academic blogs I read are by women (though I have lots of male friends, and most of the political blogs I read are by men), and I think this in part explains it. I've definitely noticed a slightly more self-promoting tone in some of the male-authored blogs I read.


Hmmm... given the imbalance in the male/female enrollment in many US universities, college web sites that appeal to males might be a sign of insightful marketing!

Mary McKinney aka Academic Coach

Given the imbalance of male/female tenured professors, I find your implication that we need to enroll more male college students somewhat unappealing.

However, Dave, since you are starting a positive psychology program and are excited about reading Seligman, I more than forgive you. I'm a huge fan. In fact, I took his 6th month, on-line "Authentic Happiness" training program for mental health professionals. Seligman is brilliant.

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