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THANK YOU for providing a way for us to express our sympathy in a tangible way. It's wonderful to know that we're not all just an assortment of screen names, but rather individuals genuinely concerned for each other and with a real need to give more than a "cyberhug."

kathy gill

I don't remember exactly how I found the site that directed me to Badger's first post. Subsequently, I wandered hither and yon and I got from Badger's liveJournal account (I hate that interface) to her Blogger acccount via some other blog.

Then I found your contribution page, which answered those little nagging questions that a long-time netVet would have about reality (those questions were answered very well, btw). I poked around your site some more ... saw you are at UNC (I'm at UW in Seattle) ... and then clicked "blog".

I was not prepared to see the mourning post or the flowers that Badger posted on her birthday (the day before mine). Tears sprang to my eyes. I've been dealing with eldercare issues and rejoiced to read that hospice care was possible.

I remain in awe of the power of networks made possible by social software. Thank you for the hand of friendship that you stretched across the continent. Given my geographic proximity to Badger, someone I know personally probably knows her, too. Time for PayPal first, e-mail questions second.

Pink Cupcake

Thank you for offering to forward cards and letters on to Badger, Mary, that's very kind of you.

yankee transplant

Thanks again, Mary, for agreeing to do this for me, for us...

Phantom Scribbler

Yes, thank you so much, Mary! I appreciate how you're willing to bridge the gap between the virtual and the real for us.


Thank you Mary, this is so kind. I'll be sending my card your way soon.


Thank you for doing this. It is very thoughtful.


Your thoughtful actions have provided a small amount of comfort to a family going through a tragic crisis.

Thank you for your kind efforts, and for giving us an opportunity to help.


your facilitating is greatly appreciated.

Lonely Londoner

Thank you, Mary, for giving us an address. I'll be sending a card along tomorrow. And thank you so much for everything you've done for the Badgers. You're good people, as they say.


I'm very sad for Badger and their son. Thanks Coach for bringing us together to try to help, and continue to help.


Mary, thank you for stepping in to help transform all of our thoughts & wishes into concrete actions.

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