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Annie Pie

I love working at Starbucks, especially one on or very near a campus. The sense that other people are working diligently, and will recognize it if I am slacking off OR if I appear to be making a lot of progress, definitely keeps me going. It helps me keep my goal in line -- not just "I want to finish or succeed at this particular project" but "I want to become someone who is successful in my field, and I want to show that I have the discipline to get there." It's making an investment in building up a skill over time, so that it will be easier in the future.

I think you're absolutely dead-on about not worrying about grammar, spelling, etc. I have always been more of a free-written first draft kind of gal, but friends who ask me for advice are usually surprised when I say, "Type it out the same way you would explain it to me verbally." It works, though, and what it comes down to is that if you actually *know* what you are writing about, and you *do* understand it, remind yourself of that fact -- explaining it in the best way is a matter of finesse, but at least get it out there before evaluating your mode of transmission. That method, however, does work slightly better with the speed of typing than of handwriting.


Hey, thanks for pointing to me. It was a great day, though like I said, it was not drafting but pure idea gathering. Still great, but a lot easier to get the word count high. This past Tuesday, at the same Starbucks, I started actual drafting, and got about 700 words down. Stil not perfect, but it's text, and that's all that matters right now.

Glad to know that others think this was useful. Now, I (we?) just need to do it some more.

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