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This is great--Thanks! I had that CoH piece bookmarked for days meaning to write about it, but now I'll just link here. BTW, try again to link to it--I think it is now coming up as non-subscription.


Hi Mary, I got this link from 11D:
and it works. Thanks for writing about this!

Academic Coach

Thanks Yvette and Lilian. I've now got a live link - perhaps the Chronicle wanted to wait until 10-7 since that's the date of the article.

bright star

somehow I read it... I don't know how... the other day, and I don't pay to subscribe. Weird. Anyhow, I did thing the article geared more toward "serious" bloggers rather than some of the more personal bloggers, although it did nod to the importance of finding one's voice and making connections. Thanks for sharing some of it with people. I am glad a more positive voice about the blogging community / communities made it into the Chronicle.


I enjoyed reading this article, as it really did put blogging in a more positive light than Tribble did.

I have to admit that this cracked me up: "Academic blogs offer the kind of intellectual excitement and engagement that attracted many scholars to the academic life in the first place. . ."

I find my blog listed as "academic" on blogrolls, which is flattering, but I write more about my social life and my work struggles than about academia.

For me, the most important part of blogging is having a connection with others who understand the particular challenges of my job.


Bloodless Coup too. :)

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