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bright star (B*)

This post is very moving. You do a great job at helping us perpetuate and build our blogosphere community, Academic Coach. Thanks for that.

Oh, I like this term: "academogosphere"!


I've been reading your blog for about a week or fancy my surprise when I read that we have a mutual acquaintance: Sam Ball, with whom I'm currently finishing coach training. I guess the virtual world is just as small as the "real" one.

academic coach

Hello Lorianne,
And if you know Sam from Mentorcoach, then we have other acquaintances in common -- Ben Dean and Carol Solomon. Carol was my small group leader in Marty Seligman's Authentic Happiness Coaching class and she suggested that Sam get in touch with me since he was interested in coaching academics. Small world, eh?
Glad to 'meet' you.
Sam is awesome. So is Carol.


Great post! I see I have a few blogs to catch up on....


Yes, Sam & I have Carol Solomon as our coaching instructor...and I know Ben Dean "virtually" through his ABD Survival Guide, which helped me immensely when I was finishing my PhD. (And yes, I finished...with the help of a dissertation coach who inspired me to take up coaching as potential moonlighting gig on top of my work as a perpetual English adjunct.)

I think you might have sent me an email...which I accidentally deleted from my bulk folder before clicking to the name/subject line. So if you said anything additional there, please resend. Otherwise, it's great to "meet" you, and I've been enjoying your blog.


Thanks for the links, some of which I don't know. I miss Cleis quite a bit too...

Dr. Virago

Thanks for including me in this post -- I'm honored.

academic coach

Dr Virago, I'm sure you'll soon be Widely read. You are so FUNNY. love the "fear of santa" pic :)


Hi A.C.- Thanks for the kind words. You've made me want to say a few words about what I'm up to and why I really stopped blogging (for now, or permanently, I don't know). Sorry for the prolixity to follow.

I do hover around and read blogs from time to time. My partner and I will be closing on a house tomorrow (I blogged about our house travails a while back) which is very nice. I am devastatedly exhausted by work, but happy to be reaching my students. I drink more wine with dinner. I think about writing a novel. Or studying classical music in my free time. Or taking up oil painting. I want to make love with my partner more often, I dare say. I try to work out harder at the gym. Maybe we'll get a dog soon.

For me, stopping to blog (for now at least) has meant getting outside of my own head. So much of what I read on blogs is just like what I feel, or what I felt. And alot of it is so loaded and negative, so difficult. I could not process it anymore--blogging made me feel like I could not stop talking about work, or only listening to conversations about work. I decided I wanted to "leave the office" if you know what I mean, and go home.

So much of my professional life is spent in front of this glowing screen-- it's downright ridiculous. I used to want to be a poet, a musician, a novelist, an actor, a lover of woods and animals, and now I find myself living mostly in front of a screen. So I just cut back a little, see if I could find something else.

Blogging was good to me, no question about it. But maybe I took it too far. I miss the people, who seem as real and lovely as the people on my hallway that I care about.

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