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Thanks for picking this up, Coach. I think it's important for folks to know that this kind of thing really does go on. Thanks, also, for your kind support.

Ancrene Wiseass

Wow. That is scary. And it renews my resolution to make my blog even more dooce-proof, very soon.

The Unknown Professor

Every time I think of "outing" myself, I think about things like this. Thanks for the reminder.


Was this ideologically motivated?

Been there, had that happen

Something not dissimilar happened to me in the public sector. I did make errors of judgement in what I'd written but was not given any chance to take down or modify the site - I was just kicked out (though I was allowed to leave as if I had been made redundant).

Obviously don't assume nobody will ever find what you say, but also never assume that if bosses find something they consider wrong that you'll be given a chance to put things right either...

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