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La Lecturess

Ooh, thanks for the heads-up on the Luey--I'm not familiar with it, and will have to pick it up

And actually, Bill Germano does have a Ph.D. in English (not sure if he ever published anything from it), so I think he knows doubly whereof he speaks.

academic coach

My impression is that many academic editors have Ph.D.s - takes one to know one, I guess. Plus, all those humanities majors w/out tt jobs have to find work...
Beth Luey is a professor but this book is an edited collection by many different editors at a wide range of presses. Plus, she's worked at academic presses before. She's got some other "how to be an academic" books which are also useful.

New Kid on the Hallway

Thanks, academic coach! You're way too kind. :-)

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