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That is SO blogawesome. Plus it would make a good T-shirt... perhaps you could connect your proposal to Geeky Mom to a CafePress site? :)

academic coach

I'll drink to that! P/H How about coffee mugs for us to bring to your bar?

Geeky Mom,
T-shirts? Posters? Stationary? You could come up with a whole line of products.


That is really friggin' cool. I would wear a t-shirt with that image.


This is a great idea. You know I bought one of those shirts that generated a tag cloud of words from your blog. I love it. I collected the data for the cool graph thingy, but Mr. Geeky crunched the graph. It's actually not that hard to do. He promises to post instructions. The data gathering I did by copying my blogroll and then everyone else's blogroll. I only made it about halfway through the whole thing.


This is amazing!

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