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This is great! I always work to music. In fact, whenever I read a piece of my major writing (e.g., seminar paper, dissertation proposal, conference paper) I can remember specific pieces of music that I was playing while working on specific sections. Kinda like all of my writing has a permanent soundtrack to it!

The only problem is that sometimes I get a little superstitious about this. Like one time I couldn't find a certain CD that I had been writing to (and writing *well* to) and so burned up about an hour looking for it because I felt I couldn't work without it...


What a great idea to play it the first day. I took an African American lit and the vernacular class in grad school where we started each session off listening to jazz and then the prof would set up how that piece played into the reading in some way and the turn us loose. It set a great tone for the discussions.

Which reminds me that I need to make sure I've got "Strange Fruit" loaded on my iPod because we start discussing Beloved tomorrow and it will give some context for that image near the beginning of the novel, of the beautiful trees in Sweet Home that push out of Sethe's mind the image of black boys' feet hanging in those trees.

academic coach

Yes, Scrivener,
When I read your great post about teaching classes about the theme of "home", I was imagining music you could play....


Even better, music my students can play. Their group projects at the end of the semester are to select a few songs about home and analyze them for the class.

karen mishra

One of my UNC j-school professors, Pat Curtin, uses music as a way to ease our entry into class. Both last year and this year, we walk into class with music playing. It is always different, always interesting. I enter her class intrigued, wondering what I am listening to that day. I'm taking notes...I'd like to try that myself once I graduate.

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