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Vito Prosciutto

I return everything myself. Since I always have some sort of in-class graded assignment at EVERY class, this gives me a chance to learn everyone reasonably quickly since I have to say everyone's name every day.

I also make a point when students turn in assignments to look at them and the name on their paper early in the semester.

And finally, it's VERY important to consistently USE students' names. When calling on people, say "Enrique," rather than just pointing at a student. It means that early in the semester you may be picking the same students a lot, but it helps reinforce the names again, and creates an illusion that you have more names known than you do.

academic coach

Assignments to grade *every* class. You're a glutton for torture, for sure.

The thing I like about your method, Vito, is that you not only learn students' names but can associate their names with their work.

I agree with the point about using students' names when you call on them. This helps the students get to know their classmates' names and the method works even in very large classes.


any tips on when 80% of the students look alike? i have trouble telling them apart sometimes. even if i remember their names, i can't tell Kelly from Amber.

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