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Thank you so much for posting the whole article for us! (I haven't read it yet, but wanted to thank you right away). I have just come from posting on my own most recent struggles as an ABD (deep sigh)... hoping to find some words of comfort or whatever, so I guess it'll be good to read it.


Yes, many thanks for posting the entire article. Now I know why I decided blogging was a good outlet!


Thanks for posting this. Someone should explain to the US News, though, that blogspot URLs work best without the "www" in front.

Someone Seeking Advice

Seeking advice from Mary and all.

I am in higher education in an Asian society.

I was bothered by what I read from a student’s blog in a blogring that I came across by chance. The student quoted two lines of an an e-mail message from a faculty(Dr X)to him which contained an ungrounded criticism on me and which ridiculed me. I believe that the quote was genuine, not something manufactured by the student because he was so amused that he quoted the lines to show other members of the blogring.

I wanted to report this to the department Chair but I hesitated because afterall I read the criticsm from a blog. I am afraid that I might embarrass myself by showing the Chair the source of the information — that it’s from a student’s blog — although the blog is publicly accessible. Looking for examples elsewhere as regards how to handle this kinds of cases, I googled but to no avail. Then I typed “how professors deal with students” and it led me to several articles including Mary's in

Mary’s article is interesting and the comments and disucssions insightful, so I thought may be I could write something there to seek advice. But because Mary's article was published months, I doubt if anyone would notice that there is a new comment there. Then I found a link to this blog, so I thought may be I should post my "seeking for advice" here.

I am a female faculty member, more senior in rank than Dr X. Dr X is very popular among students. He and I are no friends, we don’t talk to each other except in official meetings.

I would appreciate your advice. Do you think it is a trivial matter and I should just forget about it? Or does this warrant a report to the Chair?

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